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After a night in Lambarene (at a very nice hotel on the river that had monkeys and some antelope called Situtunga), Nic and I were met by a boat and taken to Evaro Lodge. The owners of the lodge, which is located on a lake south of Lambarene, are very interested in supporting wildlife research and manatee work in particular. Evaro Lodge sits on a peninsula that sticks out in Evaro Lake, and it looks like something from “Out of Africa”. Truly a fantastic place with a pool and a huge vegetable garden. They have a gorilla and chimpanzee orphange. We arrived and were met by porters and a bartender with welcome cocktails, and I swear I thought at any moment someone was going to say “Welcome to Fantasy Island!”

The lodge sits on the small peninsula just above and to the right of the word “Evaro” on the map above. We found manatee feeding sign all around the lake. We went and sat at one location at night and saw 2 manatees (might have been the same animal twice).

The cottage I stayed in at Evaro. The palm tree is loaded down with nests of Village Weaver birds.

The fabulous pool… I have dreams of sighting manatees on the lake from the pool! Just kidding Buddy!

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  • ianandjane

    September 29, 2006 at 12:28 pm Reply

    What a fantastic location. Sounds as if you really are “in heaven”
    We are finding your blog very interesting and informative. Until now we didn’t even know where Gabon was! Love the photos and details of your work. Keep posting them.

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