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More Pictures from Kango

The morning’s bushmeat catch coming into the market at Kango. They have a small crocodile, a monkey and 2 porcupine-like animals. I must say it’s hard to see first hand. Seeing it in a magazine in the states I think “what a shame”, but here, seeing the huge numbers of animals coming into the markets each day from the forests, it’s really depressing. I feel like they are just pillaging until there’s nothing left. I have heard of a few places where there are no longer any large animals at all, but culturally it’s the way they’ve always lived and they don’t really have any other source of protein.

This is a very cool water monitor lizard we saw on the river.

Lunch at a local roadside cafe in Kango. They have the most wonderful cafe au lait in Gabon! And all meals are served with french bread. Here we’re having omlettes complet which had petit pois (peas) and onions.

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