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Brian from Nat Geo looked at the snake pictures I previously posted, and thinks the first one is a forest cobra. The second one I saw last Wednesday is a Rhinoceros Viper (not Gabon viper).

Tim says the monkey is a red-capped mangabey. I saw quite a few more in the past few days, as well as more forest buffalo and elephants. Here’s a nice picture of an elepant on the savannah yesterday morning:

The camping trip went pretty well despite alot of rain. I am completely covered in Tse Tse fly and mosquito bites. Tse Tse flies really are an insideously evil insect… they crawl up pant legs and sleeves and no amount of bug spray seems to deter them. It was nice to come back to the lodge and wash off all the grime… amazing how bad one can smell after only 3 days!

More soon..

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