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Thanks Angola folks!!

It’s been great working with both the WCS folks (Tim, Sal, Howard, Angela, Betania & Antonio) and the Angola LNG Team. Thanks to them we were able to do the first manatee surveys in the lower Congo River. So thanks to Sheryl, Geoff, Bert, Mary and….

Stuart, who made sure all the logistics happened, made us feel welcome on base and tells great jokes (or maybe it’s just his Scottish accent that makes me laugh)
Joao, translator extraordinaire!
Warren (with a little bush snake), always ready to come upriver or slice manatee bone for DNA samples
Mike (who really doesn’t want to pet the snake) helped get me to the hunter’s village when I needed to last summer and Tim, who helped with DNA samples and survey trips.

The boat crew… they came a long way in their boating skills in the last year and even got to see their first manatee. Perreira (left) and Eduardo (right). Junior, the new environmental technician, is in the middle.
Wilson, community liason officer who translated for me

It’s been a good experience and I hope we will publish some good new information from it all.

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