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Just after I posted previous blog about Dawda’s training, I received a few more photos that should really be included.

Dawda spent part of his time at Crystal River snorkeling with manatees, which he really enjoyed because this just isn’t possible in Africa (primarily because African manatees are too scared to stay anywhere near people, but also due to lack of water clarity, and the fact that people mostly don’t swim in Africa, because there are lots of dangerous things in the water!). It also gave him his first chance to see the behavior of wild manatees, which is an incredibly valuable experience for someone who is trying to study them. (Photos courtesy of Samantha Hook)
Also, near the end of Dawda’s trip he got together with my mentor and boss Buddy Powell (who spent time studying manatees in the Gambia in the 1990’s) to share experiences and discuss the current status of manatees there. Buddy supported part of Dawda’s trip to Florida. Pictured here are Buddy, Dawda and Sea to Shore’s executive assistant extraordinaire, Susan!
Congratulations again to Dawda, on the successful completion of his training!
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