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Cameroon Training Workshop

I’m very late in posting this, but I’m proud to report that this project was able to support a four day manatee training workshop in Dizangue, Cameroon held at the end of October and led by researcher Aristide Kamla. The 17 attendees included the manager and all the Ecoguards from Lake Ossa Wildlife Refuge, as well as local fishermen. Aristide reported that “it was the a great opportunity to bring together conservation officers and fishermen who usually don’t talk to each other, and we were able to discuss together about manatee conservation in Lake Ossa and to resolve some issues of misunderstanding  between them”.  All photos below are courtesy of Aristide Kamla.

The group in the meeting room.

 Rodrigue (who attended the training workshop I taught in Gabon in September) giving a manatee presentation to the group.

Practicing standardized measurements

Learning how to use a GPS

Group photo… it’s so rewarding for me to see former trainees become trainers and pass their knowledge on to others in their countries!

The group also went out on Lake Ossa to practice surveying for manatees

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