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Senegal: A Few More ManateesOn Monday I visited the Zoology Department at Dakar University, where they have specimens of most of Senegal's species, including a partial manatee skeleton on display (no flippers). The curator wasn't there, so I'll contact him later for information about where...Read More

Thanks Columbus!!My longest term funder for West African Manatees, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Conservation Fund, has renewed my grant for a third year in a row. I really appreciate this kind of continuing support as the work continues to grow across all the countries...Read More

Bay and Paul FoundationYesterday I was awarded a small grant from the Bay and Paul Foundation, a new funder for Wildlife Trust. This money will go to supporting my work in Africa and to buy much needed field equipment for African colleagues starting work in...Read More

Senegal: Casamance Was Worth the Wait!!I've been wanting to get to the Casamance River, the southern boundary of Senegal and Guinea-Bissau, for about a year. It's been difficult because there have been a few rebel uprisings from separatists who want to break away from Senegal,...Read More

African Manatee Work Goes Regional!!As many of you know, it has been my hope for the past several years to create a regional network of African manatee researchers to increase communication, data collection efforts and collaboration between people working in different countries. Manatee research in...Read More

10 days in eastern SenegalOn February 9th we headed east from Dakar towards Matam, a town on the Senegal River. This is where we rescued manatees trapped behind a dam in January 2009, and it's the place where manatees migrate in the rainy season onto...Read More

Gabon: Manatee Capture!The frustration had definitely been building. Eight days and nights around the clock setting nets and waiting, having manatees punch holes through the nets every night, second guessing our decisions about where nets should be set, and seeing manatees near the nets everyday,...Read More

Gabon: Sette Cama SurprisesOn the morning of 3 December, our team left Gamba and crossed the huge N'dogo Lagoon in 2 boats loaded with all of our gear. It took us just over an hour to reach the Eaux et Forets (Water and Forestry) brigade...Read More

Gabon: The long trail to GambaWe arrived in Gamba last night after 20 hours of driving most of the length of Gabon. Of the whole trip, only 6 hours of it was on paved road (albeit with huge potholes), the rest was sand tracks across...Read More


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