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CITES COP16 African Manatee Consensus‏

On Wednesday at the CITES Conference of Parties (COP16) in Bangkok, Thailand, the range states reached a consensus to uplist the African manatee to CITES Appendix I. This is actually a bit surprising given the lack of population and illegal trade data that exists for...Read More

African Manatee Proposal to CITES

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) is an agreement between governments to ensure that trade of animals and plants does not threaten their survival (I got that wording from their website because I couldn't have said it better myself!). For endangered species, legal international trade...Read More

It’s Never Dull

Even though I'm not in the field right now (I postponed my return to Africa until later in the spring to get some much needed lab work done here in Gainesville, FL) the African manatee project still has alot of different things going on. I've...Read More

The Good and the Sad

It seems there's always a mix of good news with bad and sad for African wildlife, and the African manatee is no exception. The sad news is that manatee hunting is still almost a daily event in Lambarene, Gabon, a town on the Ogouue River in...Read More

IUCN Save Our Species

Happy 2013~ I hope everyone is having a wonderful new year so far! Last year ended very well for the African manatee project with the exciting news that we received a large grant from the IUCN Save Our Species Fund! The goals of this project...Read More

Africa is Not a Country Photography Exhibit

For those of you in the Portsmouth, NH area, a photography exhibit entitled "Africa is not a Country" is up and running for the month of November. I have 4 photos in the show (including one of Victor, shown below), and proceeds from the sale of my photos...Read More

Ancestral Manatee Fossil Found in Senegal

An interesting new scientific paper was just published reporting the find of a fossil vertebra that has been identified as a Prorastomid, the earliest ancestral family of Sirenians (which includes all manatees and dugongs). The fossil closely resembles the oldest known member of the Prorastomid family,...Read More

Thank You Jonathan!

After 4 long, hot months, Jonathan's time in Gabon has come to an end. This week he returned home to Puerto Rico to continue his Masters degree studies and his work with Antillean manatees. Jonathan achieved great success with Victor and his Gabonese caregivers during his...Read More

News for the week

Jonathan reports that Victor now weighs 102 kg! He is eating 70% of his daily diet in plants and has been reduced to 1 bottle feeding a day, so we're thrilled that his transition to plants is going incredibly well! The trick is to keep...Read More


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