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Seagrass Watch article

Check out the latest issue of Seagrass Watch magazine, which focuses on manatees and dugongs and includes an article I wrote on West African manatees (there's also a page about Victor!). Perfect beach reading for summer! :-)...Read More

Eastern Lac de Guiers

For the last part of our eastern Senegal trip, we were determined to drive down the eastern side of Lac de Guiers, which we had started when our car originally broke down several weeks ago. Our plan was drive back to Richard-Toll to meet Niaga,...Read More

Manatee killed in Niger

I received news from my colleague Boureima Boubacar in Niger that an adult female manatee was killed by a hunter on June 11 in Niamey, the capital. Several days before, a group of approximately 6 manatees had been seen in the area and from the...Read More

Following the Manatee Trail

Back in 2009 I tagged three manatees in the Senegal River as part of a collaborative study with my colleagues from CBD- Habitat (a Spanish NGO) and Oceanium Dakar (a Senegalese NGO). You can see my original post about it here. It was the first time West...Read More

A few more discoveries in Navel

Yesterday afternoon we walked along part of the Navel tributary to see if we could spot the live manatee that had been reported there, but we didn't see it. We met up with the same farmer I met the day before, but he hadn't seen...Read More

Mummified Manatee on a Mountain

Now there's something I never thought I'd see. Can you find the manatee in this picture? We drove to Kanel this morning and met up with Moutar, a local fisherman and our manatee contact, who has monitored the manatee situation here for many years. He took us...Read More

Made It to Matam!

It felt like getting to Matam was one of the hardest things I've done in a long time. After 3 weeks of endless car repairs, we were finally ready to try again to get to eastern Senegal for manatee fieldwork. Tomas and I left Dakar very early...Read More

Towed to Dakar

Sunday afternoon we got the news that the local mechanics were not going to be able to adequately repair the electrical system in the car to work with the new engine. The advice of our friends Billy and Mamadou (who know alot more about engines than...Read More

Lac de Guiers Manatee Rescue, Part 2

Late yesterday morning Tomas got a call that another baby manatee had been found entangled in net in Lac de Guiers. It was near the location where the first one had been caught the other day, so we wondered what was going on with the...Read More

While we wait in Richard-Toll…

On Thursday the new car engine was put into our car. Yes, that's it hanging from a tree in the photo above! The mechanics spent hours hooking up the various tubes and wires, and I naively thought this meant we were close to being finished...Read More


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