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Mayumba, Gabon to Conkouati, Congo

After finishing my surveys in southern Banio Lagoon, I returned to Mayumba for several days to interview fishermen and survey several rivers at the north end of the lagoon. I also worked with Jean Nestor and Chardene, the WCS outreach team,...Read More

First day with Sea to Shore Alliance!I'm very excited to announce that as of today I am be joining the staff at Sea to Shore Alliance, a non-profit wildlife research organization based in Florida. Sea to Shore's Director is Dr. James "Buddy"...Read More

Gabon: camping on the haute BanioAfter spending time with Victor, it was then time to continue my surveys for wild manatees. As I mentioned in my previous post, I haven't been to this lagoon since 2006. At that time I only spent 2 days doing...Read More

Gabon: Return to MayumbaI've wanted to post long before this, but I've had a series of computer nightmares recently and am only typing now thanks to the generosity of my friends Hilde & Tim, who've lent me a laptop. In early June, once I'd sorted...Read More

Senegal: News article I should've posted this link awhile ago but I was already in the field when the story came out, so I'm just getting to it now! Nice article focusing on West African manatee efforts in Senegal written by Amanda Fortier and featuring...Read More

Thank you Jonathan!!Jonathan Perez-Rivera left Gabon last night after spending the past 4 months working with orphan calf Victor and training his Gabonese caretakers. Victor is now steadily gaining weight and we're learning valuable new information about the growth of West African manatees through the...Read More

News for the week of May 23, 2011A new online article about my manatee work in Senegal was posted yesterday and they used some of my photos...Read More

Victor continues to grow! Victor, the orphan manatee calf being rehabilitated in southern Gabon has now reached 30kg! This is a good milestone because it has taken a long time for him to steadily gain weight. When he was rescued he weighed 27 kg, but...Read More

Senegal: Manatee hunter gives up killing in favor of conservation!

Very exciting news from Senegal...Read More


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