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Gas On Monday morning on my way out of town to Sette Cama, we went to the Shell station to buy all my boat fuel. I had to buy 300 liters (that’s a full size oil drum plus 4 extra 25 liter jerri cans) because...Read More

Sette Cama is wonderfulThat about sums up my week here! On Monday, after buying my fuel, a driver brought me here from Gamba. Driving is interesting… the only real dirt road dies out after several miles and then there’s just a deep sandy track across...Read More

Monday- off to Sette CamaToday I'm heading to the north end of N'dogo Lagoon, luckily by truck along a sandy peninsula, because it is raining hard today so travel by boat would be dismal. Anyway, there's no internet up there, so I'll post more when...Read More

DragonfliesToday is my good friend Suzanne Tarr's birthday and she's a dragonfly fanatic, so in honor of her, here are a few pics of some pretty ones I saw on the Rembo Bongo!

Happy Birthday Suzanne!!! Miss you!!...Read More

The Rembo Bongo On Thursday morning my guide and I packed up our gear and a lot of fuel into a boat and headed across the lagoon to the Rembo Bongo (Rembo means river). The boat is basically an open hull, but it has a...Read More

GambaGamba is a strange place- if it weren’t for Shell Oil, the town wouldn’t exist. Most of the people here rely on Shell either directly or indirectly to make a living. The town is kind of spread out on a grassy plain and it’s divided...Read More

Air Travel within GabonFlying here is always an amusing enterprise. You get to the airport an hour an a half before the flight yet no one can tell you exactly where to check in. Some airlines apparently have multiple counters in multiple buildings and it...Read More

Je suis arriveIt is so nice to be back in Gabon! I arrived very late on Friday night after 33 continuous hours of travel. The six hour layover in Casablanca in the middle of the night felt like eternity- everyone sits around the airport, trapped...Read More

Angola Just over a year ago my colleague Howard Rosenbaum at WCS asked me to join a project they were proposing: cetacean, manatee and sea turtle surveys in northern Angola. After numerous proposal drafts, Skype conference calls and a scoping trip to the site last...Read More

Gearing up for GabonPlane tickets are purchased and I’m getting ready to return to Gabon on Sept. 20. Logistics details are starting to fall into place and it will be an action packed few months in Africa. Here’s a brief overview of some of my...Read More


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