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Answers to your questionsI’ve been getting a few questions from people over email, so here are some answers:- What am I eating?There’s African food and European food. Most days I eat European because that’s what is served to me. Heavy on the meat (chicken steak,...Read More

View of Fernan Vaz Lagoon as I flew to Iguela on Friday. The Atlantic Ocean is at the top of the picture on the far side of the slender peninsula. I also saw a group of humpback whales from the plane!IguelaLast Friday I flew from...Read More

More on the Mamiwata Legend As I explained earlier, Mamiwata is a general name for a spirit embodied by the manatee, that people in many West African countries believe in. In different regions there are different interpretations of what the spirit looks like and...Read More

Alittle more on EvaroSorry, my posting was cut short yesterday because I had to leave Libreville and catch a plane down the coast to Iguela, which I'll write about shortly. I wanted to share a few more images from Evaro:Fresh manatee feeding sign in a...Read More

EvaroAfter a night in Lambarene (at a very nice hotel on the river that had monkeys and some antelope called Situtunga), Nic and I were met by a boat and taken to Evaro Lodge. The owners of the lodge, which is located on a...Read More

LambareneAfter Kango, Nic and I travelled to Lambarene, a larger town on the Ogooue River and the fishing capital of Gabon. South of Lambarene there's a series of large lakes (if you scroll down to my Sept. 17 posting, you can see Lambarene, the river...Read More

More Pictures from KangoThe morning's bushmeat catch coming into the market at Kango. They have a small crocodile, a monkey and 2 porcupine-like animals. I must say it's hard to see first hand. Seeing it in a magazine in the states I think "what...Read More

KangoIt's been a busy week! On Sept. 21 Nic and I got a ride to a small town called Kango, about a 2 hour drive inland from the capital of Gabon, Libreville. Kango is located at the convergence of several rivers, and a couple years...Read More

Leaving MayumbaMy week here has flown and I wish I could stay longer! Below are a few more pics from my very nice stay here!

The living & working quarters at Mayumba national parkJacquie & Simon on the boat

Ant (short for Anthony!) with...Read More


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