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Southwest FloridaThis past week I spent some time in Southwest Florida and gave a lecture on West African manatee research to the staff at the South Florida Museum in Bradenton. While there I also got a chance to visit with Snooty, the world's oldest known...Read More

Naked Oceans PodcastLast week I was interviewed by Helen Scales for a series called "Naked Oceans" which is part of a larger program called "The Naked Scientist", a BBC weekly radio program that uses radio, live lectures, and the Internet to strip science down to...Read More

West African Manatee Network ActivitiesOver the past few months I've received several updates from my former trainees, who are now actively starting manatee research and conservation efforts in their home countries, despite many challenges. Here are some highlights of their efforts:Mali:In central Mali, manatee researcher...Read More

Persistence pays off!! Happy news! After 13 months of working with colleagues in Mali to get an export permit for manatee samples I collected there in November 2010 (which have since been added to by my colleagues) we finally got it! It's amazing how long...Read More

Kamla's Florida Training AdventureAs I mentioned in my last post, Aristide Kamla from Cameroon came to Florida for 3 weeks of training this past November. Thanks to tremendous help and enthusiasm from my Florida manatee colleagues at the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission's Marine...Read More

Fall 2011 RecapHappy New Year! Finally I have time to catch up with myself after a whirlwind Fall. I'm happy to report I survived my toughest semester of my PhD program, which will now make studying for and taking my qualifying exams this spring seem...Read More

Coming out of the Black HoleSorry for the disappearing act! At the end of July I returned to the USA, and in the end of August I started more classes towards my PhD at the University of Florida. This is my toughest semester yet- I'm...Read More

Congo: Lac Tchimpa and the Lukani RiverAfter paddling down the Ngonogo we traveled to Lac Tchimpa, another tranquil lake with no permanent residents. However, this lake is closer to villages so we did see lots of signs of fishing activity (particularly large hooks set for...Read More

Congo: Kayaking the NgongoLast week my friend Tim (a whale researcher who lives at Conkouati) and I took off on a 3 day trip in search of manatees to lakes and up the Ngongo River north of Conkoauti Lagoon. People on the lagoon told...Read More

Congo: Conkouati LagoonI've been at Conkouati National Park for 2 weeks now and have boated around most of the southern end of the large lagoon. One of the first days we went out to where the lagoon drains into the Atlantic Ocean. The lagoon is...Read More


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