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Dunsin Bolaji

Dunsin Bolaji – Collaborator

Dr. Dunsin Bolaji has been studying African manatees in Nigeria since 2008. He graduated with his PhD in fisheries from the University of Lagos and works for the Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research. He led a project for former manatee hunters at Lekki...Read More

Jean-Pascal Koh Dimbot

Jean-Pascal Koh Dimbot – Collaborator

Pascal is focusing on conservation of the African manatee and human-manatee conflict in the southern periphery of Korup National Park as well as in the Douala region of Cameroon. He has identified several new fish species consumed by manatees, and he is documenting net destruction...Read More

Uzoma Ejimadu

Uzoma Ejimadu – Collaborator

Uzoma Ejimadu is a PhD student at the University of Lagos studying African manatees in coastal lagoons near Lagos, as well as skull morphometrics. He began his research on the species in 2007 and is part of the team assessing all threats to African manatees...Read More

Edem Eniang

Edem Eniang – Collaborator

Dr. Edem Eniang is a professor at the University of Uyo in southeastern Nigeria, as well as the Director of the non-profit Biodiversity Preservation Center. He is a herpetologist and has also been studying the African manatee since 2008. Edem is part of the team...Read More

Sarah Farinelli - Student

Sarah Farinelli – Collaborator

Sarah is a PhD student in George Mason University's environmental science and public policy program and Dr. Lucy Keith-Diagne serves on her academic committee. Her dissertation research focuses on testing new technologies including aerial and underwater drones and side-scanning sonar in marine and freshwater manatee...Read More

Yancine Gaye - Student

Yacine Gaye – Collaborator

After obtaining her Bachelor's degree in Life and Earth Science at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar, Senegal, Yacine is now a Masters student in Ecology and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems at the university. For her thesis...Read More

Pearson McGovern

Pearson McGovern – Collaborator

Pearson received his B.S. from Texas A&M University in 2017 and is a recent graduate of the University of Georgia where he received his M.S. under the mentorship of Dr. Tracey Tuberville. His graduate studies focused on the effectiveness of head-starting as a recovery tool...Read More

Cyrille Mvele - Collaborator

Cyrille Mvele – Collaborator

Cyrille is the co-founder of Organisation Ecotouristique du Lac Oguemoué (OELO), a non-profit research and conservation organization in central Gabon. He is investigating the impact of manatee hunting and the bushmeat trade in the Ogooué region of Gabon, investigating where illegal hunting and trade are...Read More

Dawda Saine

Dawda Saine – Collaborator

Dawda Saine has been studying African manatees in The Gambia since 2012 and received training in manatee necropsies at the FWC Marine Mammal Pathobiology Laboratory in Florida. He is currently leading manatee threat assessments for The Gambia....Read More

Aristide Kamla Takoukam

Aristide Kamla Takoukam – Collaborator

After completing his Bachelor and Master’s degrees at the University of Dschang, Cameroon, Aristide received a Fulbright Scholarship towards his doctorate at the University of Florida. He graduated in 2019 and his doctoral research focused on the genetic diversity, diet, and habitat quality of the...Read More


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