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Through focused research, conservation, and education actions, the African Aquatic Conservation Fund is dedicated to the preservation of African manatees, turtles, cetaceans, and other aquatic wildlife and their habitats throughout the African continent. We work in close partnership with local people, scientists, governments, and other stakeholders for the benefit of both wildlife and humans.


The African Aquatic Conservation Fund was created in November 2014 by Dr. Lucy Keith Diagne and Tomas Diagne to address the severe declines in African manatee, cetacean, turtle and tortoise species that they were witnessing firsthand across the African continent. Together with our advisors and partners, AACF was formed in order to focus effective and timely research, conservation, and educational outreach efforts to preserve little known and poorly studied aquatic species and their habitats. Although we are a new organization, Lucy and Tomas have each worked in wildlife research and conservation for over 25 years, and currently have collaborative projects and partnerships in ten African countries.

We are a United States 501(c)(3) organization, so all donations are tax-deductible for United States donors.


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