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African Manatee Training Workshop in Djenne, Mali(Sorry, I would've liked to have posted this earlier, but we are having constant power outages in Dakar!)During the last week of November, I led a manatee research and conservation training workshop with 11 participants from 4 countries (Mali,...Read More

Mali: Sevare and MoptiIn mid-November we spent the Tabaski holiday in Sevare with our colleague Semega's sister and her family. After that we met up with Abdoulaye Guindo at his office. He's the Niger River Basin Authority manager here. Abdoulaye attended the training workshop I...Read More

Conservationists Working to Protect Endangered African Manatees:Click here to view this article on manatees in Senegal!...Read More

Mali: Bamako to SevareOn Tuesday morning we drove out of a smoke-filled Bamako as everyone began preparing to cook their sheep for the Tabaski holiday the following day. Once we left the city the air cleared and we drove through an area of very cool...Read More

Mali: Bamako It's been a busy and interesting few days in Bamako. After arriving last Thursday, Tomas and I met up with one of our Malian colleagues, Alfousseini, who took us on a grand tour of the city. The city is defined by the Niger...Read More

Enroute to Maliimage courtesy of whatgives365.files.wordpress.comTomorrow morning I'll travel from Senegal to Bamako, Mali to work with manatee colleagues Alfousseini Semega and Abdoulaye Guindo, and see their manatee study sites in the inland Niger River delta. Later in the trip I'll also lead a week...Read More

Senegal: On the trail of a dead manateeLast June an adult female manatee died in a narrow lagoon called Mbodiene. I try to follow up on all of these reports since any information we can gather adds to our sparse knowledge of the species. This...Read More

Building new partnershipsThis past week I traveled south to Saly and met with Dawda Saine, a manatee researcher from the Gambia who I have been talking to on email for awhile. Dawda is very enthusiastic to get manatee field research started in his country, so...Read More

French Version of the Manatee Necropsy Manual / version française du manuel de nécropsie des lamantins‏For manatee researchers:We are happy to announce the completion of a French version of the Manatee Necopsy Manual originally written by Bonde, O'Shea, and Beck in 1983. In this French...Read More

Back to Africa!I landed in Dakar, Senegal late Saturday night and am now finalizing my work for this field season, which will be shorter than the past few years (only 2 months!) because I need to be back at the University of Florida to take...Read More


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