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Gabon: Manatee calf video

This wonderful video of the manatee calf in Gabon was made by Aimee Sanders about a week ago.

Unfortunately since then the manatee's wounds have worsened, so I hope the anti-biotics and diligent veterinary care he is receiving will help! He really needs...Read More

Manatee calf in Gabon: surviving but needs your help!

It's wonderful news that the calf (now renamed "Victor") has survived over 2 weeks! Manatee veterinarians and colleagues from around the world who have experience in caring for orphaned manatee calves in developing countries have provided excellent...Read More

Live baby manatee rescued in southern GabonOn Friday afternoon a baby manatee (which is referred to as a calf) washed up on the beach at Mayumba, Gabon. This was a very significant event for two reasons: this is the first record of a manatee in...Read More

Blobfish?This is quoted from an article in the New York Times published today:Reporting recently in the journal Conservation Biology, Morgan J. Trimble, a research fellow at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, and her colleagues examined the scientific literature for roughly 2,000 animal species...Read More

West African Manatee, Species of the DayAs part of the Year of Biodiversity, the IUCN Red List has been celebrating by posting a Species of the Day to bring attention to plants and animals around the world. On July 27 it was the West African...Read More

Lectures at the Columbus ZooWest African manatees in Ohio? Well no, but the Columbus Zoo does have one of the few Florida manatee exhibits outside of Florida, and also has supported my manatee research in Africa for the past 4 years. They invited me up...Read More

Informational PanelsThanks to funding from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and terrific design work by Aimee Sanders of Green Butterfly Designs, we have created three different 60cm x 90cm manatee educational panels in French for natural history museums in West African countries. The first...Read More

Field Equipment Donation Tomas and I would like to thank Save the Manatee Club for an amazing donation of a trolling motor, GPS and 4 life jackets to be used for manatee surveys at newly created Tocc Tocc Reserve in northern Senegal, the first reserve...Read More

In the Genetics LabWhile I've been silent on my blog I've been busy working in a genetics laboratory in Gainesville, Florida. It's been really exciting to get going on the analysis of the samples I've collected in Africa over the past 4 years! Although I'm...Read More

Thanks to Sea World!On Friday I received word that the Sea World Busch Gardens Conservation Fund has awarded me a grant to continue my manatee work in Africa. This is the second time in three years I've received funding from them, and I really appreciate...Read More


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