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And Another!Today Disney Conservation Fund joins the list of Gabon manatee project funders with a new grant. I couldn't be happier about the momentum this work is gaining. I'm looking forward to giving a talk about African manatee work at Disney's Living Seas in July.I...Read More

A New Funder for Gabon!Great news today, the SeaWorld Busch Gardens Conservation Fund has just notified me that they have awarded me a grant for my Gabon manatee research! This is a new funder for this project and it's the first funding I've received this...Read More

The Sirenian Population Genetics WorkshopLast Sunday and Monday I attended a sirenian genetics conference in Orlando put on by Bob Bonde and others from USGS Sirenia Project and University of Florida. It was a very successful meeting, not only to hear about ongoing work from...Read More

Angola Manatee Trip 1 CompletedI'm pleased with all the interviews and surveys we've accomplished in just under 2 weeks. I leave Soyo with a good undersatanding of the area, the excitement of seeing and photographing a manatee, great information from all the villages I visited,...Read More

Sereia Peninsula So far I've mostly been writing about my trips up the Congo River, and from the interviews I’ve done, manatees do seem to be sighted most often in the deep tributaries off the main river. However, at the mouth of the Congo is...Read More

A Day of Drifting and the Manatee HunterOn Sunday I went back up the Congo River, once again hoping to see manatees. By now I’ve started to get a pretty good sense of the area. We go up the main river for about an hour...Read More

Manatee Sighted!Sorry for the silence, the wireless internet has been down here for several days and there was no other way for me to get online.On Thursday we headed back up the Congo River to Kibaka, one of the first villages we visited on Tuesday....Read More

Greetings from AngolaAt long last, I am here in northern Angola at the mouth of the Congo River. This study has been two years in the making and is a survey effort for manatees, cetaceans (mostly humpback whales and humpback dolphins) and sea turtles. I...Read More

Manatees In GhanaClick here to see a nice news article that just came out on Patrick Ofori-Dansen and manatees in Ghana (although the author made a few errors- manatees and dugongs are not the same, manatees do not show their teats when they surface to...Read More

Another Gabon season endsIt has been another wonderful few months in Gabon this Fall, and as always there are many people to thank for enthusiastic support of my work there. First and foremost I thank the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Wildlife Trust, WCS – CCRP...Read More


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