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Angola Just over a year ago my colleague Howard Rosenbaum at WCS asked me to join a project they were proposing: cetacean, manatee and sea turtle surveys in northern Angola. After numerous proposal drafts, Skype conference calls and a scoping trip to the site last...Read More

Gearing up for GabonPlane tickets are purchased and I’m getting ready to return to Gabon on Sept. 20. Logistics details are starting to fall into place and it will be an action packed few months in Africa. Here’s a brief overview of some of my...Read More

Exciting NewsYesterday I received word that the Columbus Zoo Conservation Fund has awarded me a $10,000 grant! This money will be used to help support my next field season in Gabon.To learn more about Columbus Zoo's conservation program and the wide range of projects they...Read More

A Huge Thank You!To all the wonderful people who helped and supported me in Gabon, shared their advice and boundless enthusiasm, and most of all made me feel welcome. Your dedication to Gabon, it's protected areas and wildlife is phenominal, and I truly hope I...Read More

More Akanda PicturesBelow is a picture from another fishing village, this one is called Moka. The people were really friendly and most of them spoke English. The mangroves are huge here!Below is Ruth, the most enthusiastic paddler! She was such a good sport about spending...Read More

AkandaLast weekend I spent a couple days boating around Akanda National Park, looking for manatees, sea turtles and talking to fishermen to see if they hunt or see manatees or turtles. On Friday morning 3 of us boated a zodiac from Libreville around a peninsula...Read More

PongaraI just spent a blissful 3 ½ days in Pongara, a national park across the estuary from Libreville. I was actually in Pointe Denis, a small, very laid back beach with a few houses and hotels that is a favorite weekend getaway spot for Expats...Read More


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