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Gabon: Ogooue Lake surveys

After the workshop I accompanied Heather and Cyrille out to their ecotourism site on Lac Oguemoue for a few days. Even though it's dry season and I didn't expect to see manatees, I'd never been to most of the large lakes off the Ogooue River...Read More

Gabon: Manatee Training Workshop

From September 2-6 I held a manatee training workshop in Lambarene. There were 12 participants from 6 organizations (including Oganisation Ecotouristique de Lac Oguemoue (OELO, Gabonese NGO), World Wildlife Fund, Gabon Fisheries, Gabon Water and Forestry, University of Dschang, Cameroon and African Marine Mammal Conservation...Read More

Gabon: Lambarene

With my Gabon research permit in hand and a week of meetings completed, I was finally ready to leave Libreville on 31 August. My Cameroonian colleagues Aristide and Rodrigue had flown in from Yaounde and met me in Libreville. I’ve written about Aristide before, he’s...Read More

Gabon bound

I'm flying to Gabon on Thursday, my first trip there since 2011. After a short stay in Libreville to get my permits and have some meetings, I'll be heading to Lambaréné in the interior. I haven't spent time in Lambaréné since 2006 and it's an important place as...Read More

SMM Travel Awards

Some good news for the start of the week: I received notification from the Society for Marine Mammalogy that I've received a student travel award to attend their conference in New Zealand next December. I'll present some of my African manatee genetics dissertation work as...Read More

Guinea-Bissau: Orango

My three Spanish colleagues from CBD-Habitat arrived in Bissau late night on May 20. Pablo and Mercedes work primarily with Mediterranean Monk seals in Mauritania, and they were joined by Victor, an “animal capture specialist” from the Spanish Ministry of the Environment who primarily works...Read More

Arrival in Guinea-Bissau

On Friday morning I flew from Dakar to Bissau, which was a short 40 minute flight, but as usual in Africa the process at the airport beforehand took several hours, most of which I spent with my fellow passengers standing on the bus that eventually...Read More


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