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Thank You Jonathan!

After 4 long, hot months, Jonathan's time in Gabon has come to an end. This week he returned home to Puerto Rico to continue his Masters degree studies and his work with Antillean manatees. Jonathan achieved great success with Victor and his Gabonese caregivers during his...Read More

News for the week

Jonathan reports that Victor now weighs 102 kg! He is eating 70% of his daily diet in plants and has been reduced to 1 bottle feeding a day, so we're thrilled that his transition to plants is going incredibly well! The trick is to keep...Read More

Gabon: Victor update

I just received a message from Jonathan that Victor is now 98 kg!! He is now eating 50 - 60% of his diet in plants daily, and his bottles have been reduced to twice a day, so he's definitely transitioning well to an adult manatee...Read More

Back to the USA

Sadly my field season is coming to an end, so I packed up all my manatee samples, as well as the plant and other manatee food reference samples to ship back to Florida for analysis. Besides the actual packing I've been getting all my permits in...Read More

Gabon: Weekly Victor update

I received some great news this morning- Victor's lost milk shipment has finally been located! Due to an airline screw up (the baggage tags apparently weren't properly attached to the trunks), the trunks reached the airport in Paris but since their final destination wasn't known...Read More

Gambia: Niumi National Park

On the weekend after the workshop, Dawda and I traveled to Niumi National Park in the northwest corner of Gambia. On a map it seems relatively close to Banjul, but it turned out to be quite an adventure to get there and back! On Saturday...Read More

Gambia Workshop

On July 14 I traveled from Dakar to Banjul, the capital of Gambia, by car. I traveled with my Gambian colleague, Dawda Saine, who had flown back into Dakar after a work trip to Europe. We took a taxi to the place where you can pick...Read More

Victor’s milk is on it’s way

Thanks everyone for your responses! We found a whale researcher traveling to Gabon tonight and a very generous person donated 5 bags of milk powder to carry over Victor until we sort out the lost bags with Air France. So the milk is on it's way. All...Read More


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