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While we wait in Richard-Toll…

On Thursday the new car engine was put into our car. Yes, that's it hanging from a tree in the photo above! The mechanics spent hours hooking up the various tubes and wires, and I naively thought this meant we were close to being finished...Read More

Manatee Rescue at Lac de Guiers

Late on Tuesday evening we got a call that a fisherman had found a manatee calf entangled in a fishing net near Tocc Tocc Reserve in Lac de Guiers. He said the calf was able to get to the surface to breathe and that there were...Read More

Back in business in DakarTime is flying! I've already been in Senegal a week and a half, but it seems much shorter. I hit the ground running and have had several very productive meetings while in Dakar. Last week I met with Alain Seck, the...Read More

Time To Go! Sunday morning I head out the door and back to Africa! My doctoral qualifying exams are finished and I'm now an official PhD candidate! So now I'm really excited to get back out to the field. I'll spend the next 3 months in...Read More

New book from Save Our Seas Foundation

Save Our Seas Foundation has published a lovely new book highlighting the work they support, including my West African manatee research. Click here to access a web version, and scroll to page 51 to see the West African manatee section....Read More

The Trainee is Now a Trainer!

I am so impressed and proud! Aristide Kamla, who came to Florida for training last November, has already held his own training workshop in Cameroon! Last weekend Kamla provided training in data collection and use of field equipment (including collecting environmental data, looking for signs of...Read More

Bittersweet Some of you may recall my joyous posting on January 25, when I received the export permits for the samples from Mali after waiting 13 months. Well, as I predicted, shipping the samples would turn out to be another challenge. I spent several weeks...Read More

But Wait, There's More!Just after I posted previous blog about Dawda's training, I received a few more photos that should really be included. Dawda spent part of his time at Crystal River snorkeling with manatees, which he really enjoyed because this just isn't possible in...Read More

Training for Dawda Following upon the success of Aristide Kamla's training in Florida in November, Dawda Saine of the Gambia arrived in early February for three weeks of advanced manatee training. Dawda worked for two years to raise the funds for his trip and to...Read More


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