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African Manatee Program

The African manatee is the most endangered and least studied manatee species in the world. It lives in lagoons within equatorial rainforests, in rivers at the edge of the Sahara Desert, around coastal islands in the Atlantic Ocean, and in many other habitats in 21...Read More

Omura's Whale mother and calf

The Omura’s Whale Project

The Omura’s whale (Balaenoptera omurai) is a recently discovered species of baleen whale, first recognized as a distinct and ancient species in 2003. It is a Mysticete, or baleen whale, belonging to the family Balaenopteridae, or rorquals. Prior to its discovery, the Omura’s whale was...Read More

Omura's Whale

African Cetacean Program

Cetaceans, including whales and dolphins, are a highly understudied group in many parts of Africa, despite their widespread occurrence and high species diversity. Many cetacean populations are under intense anthropogenic threats and in need of active conservation.Projects within this program include:The Omura’s Whale Project:...Read More

African Chelonian Institute Logo

African Chelonian Institute

The African Chelonian Institute is a private, non-profit organization registered in Senegal, whose mission is to build the first center to consolidate knowledge related to all turtle species of the African continent and associated islands. The Institute’s vision is multi-faceted: it serves as a breeding...Read More

Senegal Stranding Network

Senegal’s marine wildlife includes over 25 species of cetaceans, the African manatee, and four species of sea turtles, all of which are protected species under both international and Senegalese national laws. The discovery of a stranded Omura’s Whale near the northern border of Senegal in...Read More

African Manatee Conservation

Conservation of the elusive and endangered African manatee over its enormous and mostly remote range will take a long-term, dedicated effort by as many fully trained people working on the ground as possible. The long-term strategy for this project is to build and sustain a...Read More


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