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Mozambique Channel Passive Acoustic Monitoring Project

The Mozambique Channel Passive Acoustic Monitoring Project

The Mozambique Channel is a known biodiversity hotspot for cetaceans, with at least 22 species documented. This includes several Endangered or Critically Endangered species or subspecies of baleen whales, most of which are migratory and have poorly understood movement patterns and seasonal distributions. Passive Acoustic...Read More

Omura's Whale mother and calf

The Omura’s Whale Project

The Omura’s whale (Balaenoptera omurai) is a recently discovered species of baleen whale, first recognized as a distinct and ancient species in 2003. It is a Mysticete, or baleen whale, belonging to the family Balaenopteridae, or rorquals. Prior to its discovery, the Omura’s whale was...Read More

Omura's Whale

African Cetacean Program

Cetaceans, including whales and dolphins, are a highly understudied group in many parts of Africa, despite their widespread occurrence and high species diversity. Many cetacean populations are under intense anthropogenic threats and in need of active conservation.Projects within this program include:The Omura’s Whale Project:...Read More


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