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Angela Formia

Director of African Sea Turtles

Angela Formia has been working on sea turtle research and conservation in the Gulf of Guinea since she began her PhD work in 1998, which focused on the conservation genetics of green turtles in the region. Angela worked for the Wildlife Conservation Society, primarily in Gabon, from 2003-2021 and has also been involved in strengthening sea turtle projects in in Equatorial Guinea, Congo and Ivory Coast. She has been coordinating the Gabon Sea Turtle Partnership since its creation in 2005. Dr. Formia’s work is focused particularly on describing and protecting Gabon’s nesting leatherback population, as well as the olive ridleys, green turtles and hawksbills occurring along Gabon’s coastline. Study of the spatial and temporal overlap between sea turtle distributions and the threats to which they are vulnerable is helping inform management strategies and establishment of protection measures for these endangered species. Dr. Formia leads AACF West and Central African sea turtle projects.

Angela Formia, Director of African Sea Turtles - African Aquatic Conservation Fund


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