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MENTOR Manatee Fellowship Program

Dr. Lucy Keith Diagne, in cooperation with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Wildlife Without Borders Africa program, is leading the MENTOR-Manatee Fellowship Program (Mentoring for ENvironmental Training in Outreach and Resource Conservation). This three-year program (2015-2017) addresses the need for capacity building, threat assessment, and action in African manatee research and conservation in Central Africa. Fellows work on individual manatee projects, as well as two team projects documenting manatee hunting and the bushmeat trade, and manatee education programs for schools and the public. Through the MENTOR Fellowship Program, established in 2008, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and Dr. Keith Diagne are investing in capacity building and career development of emerging conservation leaders to build a network of Central African wildlife professionals who can lead research and conservation efforts, reduce illegal manatee bushmeat exploitation at local and regional levels, and lead educational campaigns focused on the manatee throughout Central Africa.

Christy-Achtone Nkollo Kema Kema


Christy has been studying the African manatee in her home country of Gabon for four years. She is employed by a Gabonese non-profit research organization, Ibonga, and her MENTOR-Manatee project is entitled “Study of potential impacts between fisheries and manatees in N’dogo Lagoon, Gabon”. Christy also received a Russell Train Fellowship from WWF in 2015, and she graduated with a Masters in Geography from the Université Omar Bongo de Libreville. Her thesis focused on mapping manatee habitat use in N’dogo Lagoon.

Christy-Achtone Nkollo Kema Kema, Student/Mentee - African Aquatic Conservation Fund


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